Mount Olive Lutheran Church

Welcome from Pastor Craig Corbin

Thanks be to God who inspired those first members of our church, who gathered in the name of Christ! They were inspired through the calling of the Holy Spirit to take that bold step of faith to venture forth as a new start congregation. A step of faith that would flourish and grow into a vibrant faith community that has thrived for fifty years.

This ministry and faith community has touched the lives of thousands of people throughout the life of the church here in Lake Havasu City, Imagine all the people who have broken the threshold of these doors, who have been encouraged, forgiven, strengthened, reconciled, grown in faith, served, communed, gathered for fellowship, reached out to those in need with compassion and grace, stood for justice, gave generously in time and talent, ALL IN THE NAME OF JESUS. These are the traits and attributes of a faith community grounded in mission for the sake of Christ.
We welcome you to join us.